Property Management Services


We offer commitment at all levels of building project, from preparing for construction to construction management services. For years, we have successfully met our client’s demand for cost effective and responsive services.

Our array of Property Management Services includes Plot Management Services for taking care of your plots and empty lands and Building Management Services for taking care of Individual Villas, Buildings, Apartments and Commercial complexes.

Our Property management service is designed for property owners who may have difficulty or other personal challenges in managing and maintaining the plots, independent houses, residential apartments.

Under property management and maintenance service we offer following range of services.


Plot or Empty Land Management Services – Fencing to prohibit illegal occupants.

  1. Boundary lining and Fencing as per your property documentation.
  2. Cleaning of the empty land and Fencing the plot to avoid illegal occupants, trespassing or animal intrusion.
  3. Facilitating by coordinating between various land development department for proper maintenance of records.
  4. Facilitating in making statutory payment due on time on behalf of the land owner.
  5. The schedules for cleaning the plot will be fixed jointly in discussion with customers,
  6. Our service can be customised for monthly, quarterly or on any other standard specific terms as required by the property owners.

Please do contact us for any other specific service on plot/land/farmland management to help you better if we have not listed above.


Building Management Services – We support in maintaining the Building, Apartments and Villas.

  1. Consult and recommend in functional and technical analysis of various building specification including AMC contracts, Electrical, Plumbing service or renovation of the existing building.
  2. Facilitate in arranging a new or renewal of Annual maintenance contract with various service providers after technical review of the terms and functionality referred.
  3. Facilitate in renewal of rent and lease agreement or other contracts with tenants/occupantsor third party service providers.
  4. Facilitate statutory payment of taxes or other demands from the government as per law.
  5. Facilitate in payment of electricity and other supply service bills on time.
  6. Follow-up for payments from the tenants or occupants of the building towards any outstanding utility bills or other dues.
  7. Inspection of all the facility/utility service as per standard requirements as per agreed terms.
  8. Provide Trained Physical security to Building assets.
  9. Maintenance of Gardens or open Space with required security.

Please do contact us for any other specific service on building management to help you better if we have not listed above.