Repair And Renovation

We offer an all-round repair and remodelling services that include plumbing, electrical, civil repairs, flooring and painting, we implement sophisticated design and technology to give you a beautiful and functional remodelled facility.

  1. We can assist in repair and remodelling of your existing building with the best of the design helping you get the most out of the facility in terms of space and utility possible.
  2. We provide you 3D layout for your interior changes for your approval before you finalise on your requirement for a small charge so that you ensure that you see the design before you agree to accept the work.

Renovation and Repair services can be done for Individual standalone residential buildings or commercial buildings or Apartment complex

Can start from a Simple Repainting inside a house / flat / Apartment. Entire building or an Apartment repainting

Redo the entire bathroom, tiling and plumbing due to leakages  or age

Extension of rooms by size, or adding one more Room or Living area or simply extend the roof for having additional space for cloths  washing and drying and or an additional roof top shed for a GYM

For safeguarding the building from roof top leakages, external painting on roof top or water proofing and/or tiling works can be done

Upgrading restrooms in corporate companies working from 6PM to 6AM and on Saturdays and Sundays under this strict time management